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For the mompreneur, every business "yes" can feel like a parenting "no" -- and that's when mom guilt kicks in.  The good news is, when you have the support you need, you can do both well. Because as moms, we have it covered.  Together. 

You know something another mom needs to know, and another mom knows exactly what it is you need.

And that's why This Mom Knows was created.  To give mompreneurs the tools, systems, support, and community to learn from each other and encourage each other.

Discover what it's all about.

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Jennifer Uren
Welcome to This Mom Knows podcast. But who is this mom? And what exactly does she know?

Well, you are this mom. And I am this mom. And together we know lots of things. You know about things that I don't know about. And I know about things that you don't know about.

On our own, sometimes it can feel overwhelming, trying to figure out all of it. But together, we've actually got it covered. Which is good news, especially when you're a mompreneur.

As a mompreneur every business "yes" can feel like a parenting "no", which is when mom guilt often kicks in. If this is you, then you know that there is something life giving about finding another mom who knows. They know how to approach something that we need to figure out, know how to find an answer to a question we have, or even just know what you're going through.

My name is Jennifer Uren. My husband, Jim, and I have been married for over 25 years. And we have five children rage- ranging in age from kindergarten all the way up to college graduate. I promise, you're going to hear more about them as we get to know each other more.

Something else that you're going to discover is that I'm all about systems and being smart with time and energy. I'm always looking for ways to connect solutions to problems, find the best gadget to make something easier, find that mompreneur who can help me tackle this problem I'm facing, implement a system that will simplify what feels overwhelming, or just find other mompreneurs who "get it" in that way that few others may.

I've just always been this way. But over time, other people began to notice this about me too. And eventually, I started to notice that emails, conversations, texts - they would start with the phrase, "I bet you would know the answer to this." And you know what? Just as often it seemed that I did have an answer. I knew a podcast they should listen to a product they could try, or a system that would help them out.

I'm a connector, a problem solver and a strategist. But mostly, I'm a mompreneur, just like you.

This Mom Knows podcast is all about helping you as you grow your business by connecting you to the people, tools, and systems that will help you be your best as both "mom" and "entrepreneur". It's about finding the mom who understands, who has experience, who has knowledge. The mom who knows.

It's about encouragement, connection, and maybe even collaboration but at the heart of it, This Mom Knows is about community.

I am so excited that you're here. And to make sure that you're notified about new episodes and you stay connected with the conversation please be sure to click subscribe.

I look forward to getting to know you and I'm so glad that you have found This Mom Knows.