5 Ideas to Keep Your Summer Simple  

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The Bug Bite Thing

This tool is ah-may-zing!  Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference.  This definitely falls in that category!

When your kids (or you) get a mosquito bite, simple suction the bite and remove all the itch.  It works so well you're going to want to keep one in your purse, a backup in your car, and even one at Grandmas!

Grab one (or two or three) here

Grab and Go Lunches

Lunch is easy when you remove the decision making.

  • Prep sandwiches in advance and freeze them (use these tools to make them fun!), freeze some yogurt sticks, cut up fruits and veggies (you can use those same tools) and store in snack size ziplocs
  • Get plastic shoeboxes from the Dollar Store to sort and store your prepped food
  • Packing a lunch is now as easy as grabbing something from each bin and walking out the door

Bonus: The frozen sandwiches and yogurt sticks double as ice packs

 Make Progress on Purpose

"I have all summer to do that." Sound familiar? Summer is full of promise and possibility, but before you know it, summer is winding down and school is looming on the horizon.

Scheduling time to make progress on work or a project is the difference between hoping it will get done and making it happen.

To make it even easier, find an accountability partner or register for simple co-working sessions.

Make a Plan

Take that summer bucket list and turn it into a plan.

  1. Start by printing a calendar for the summer. 
  2. Then, mark all the firm commitments.  Vacations, camp, swimming lessons - things like that.
  3. Then using small sticky notes, plan out activities you want to do.  On the margins of the calendar you can add extra sticky notes pre-filled with activities that can be added to the calendar. So if you want to make it to the beach once a week, create that number of sticky notes.
  4. Each week re-arrange and add these sticky note plans so that you can work around weather and anything else on the calendar.

Prepare to Pivot

Summer storms happen and outdoor plans can be rained out. Have some backup indoor ideas so you can pivot.

  • Get books from the library
  • Go see a movie
  • Sign-up for the kids bowl free program (you can even add yourself for a small fee)